Get deeper insights into your Revel data

Automatically export your Revel POS data choosing from a wide array of formats and any level of detail to remove the time it takes to compile spreadsheets manually.

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Revel custom reports features

Flexible delivery
Reports can be automatically uploaded via SFTP/FTP, emailed, HTTP POST request, inserted into your SQL or MySQL database or uploaded to your Google Sheets account.

Match any report
Reports generated will exactly match your preferred template and format.

Any level of detail
Choose between summarised format, if you are only looking into total numbers, or go in-depth with order or item-level reports.

Any format
Excel .CSV, JSON, TXT, Google Sheets or SQL/MySQL database. Access your data just the way you want!

Any frequency
Choose how often you want to export the data and the system will automatically generate the report for you.

There is more to life than data entry

Automatically export data from Revel systems in a range of formats.

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